Friday, February 12, 2010

Abuse of Life

Romans post about gang stalking made me think of how repressed memories of child abuse is questioned. Basically it is the same dynamic as in gang stalking where the credibility of the witness is attacked, however one of the things known to happen in ritual abuse is the victims are given drugs and this makes them not only dependent but also one can say the word of an addict is questionable.

Granted there have been cases where children were put up to lying about abuse by adults for various reasons, and yet it is only reasonable to recognize that many times it is real. It is certainly hard to dispute that there have been a large number of children who were sexually molested while in the Catholic Church, for example. Even the Church itself cannot deny this.

I have often thought about the connection between child abuse and evil in the world, and actually it relates to the whole energetic dynamic of this kind of Ponzi scheme. Consider that evil itself breaks away from a connection with the Divine, but it requires energy to sustain itself - therefore it makes sense that it would be engaged in this ongoing consumption in order to fill that void indirectly. And of course, who has more of that life energy than those that are new to the world: Children. Although this process can take many forms, sexual abuse in particular of course relates to procreation, again life energy. (there are of course many spiritual practices that involve sexual energy) But rather than a relationship of love, of coming together, this is a dynamic of dominance - either by mental manipulation or outright physical violence.

Unfortunately, many have been led to believe that this kind of dynamic is just the way the world works. Sure they may not go so far as to abuse children, (at least not directly - there are all the kids working in sweatshops in third world countries for example) many subscribe to the philosophy of Social Darwinism. Romantic relationships likewise become a way of filling a void, rather than one that involves mutual respect and true caring for each other. It's no wonder that people feel so empty, the way they try to find fulfillment is in fact anti-life!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spiritual Ponzi Schemes

I saw this demotivational poster design the other day, and I wondered if they were thinking about The Secret, the self-help book based on the Law of Attraction.

If you watch the film, you'll no doubt notice half of the interviews talked about "abundance" or basically making money with LOA. One guy was moved to tears because the picture of a big house he had on his vision board turned out to be the one he found himself living in some time later. Now this is really simple: If the Law of Attraction is a spiritual principle, which I would not dispute, then what does it say when you use that for things that relate to egoic desires? The thing is, I've never heard of anyone use it to feed their family when they are starving, OR more significantly, use it for anyone other than themselves.

This really speaks to the subject of evil because when you put this basic attractive principle with greed and this insatiable desire to consume, it doesn't take a genius to see that it's unsustainable. It really underlines a way that evil works in the world, because when your world view is all about me and you have to take from someone else, it is indeed very much like a Ponzi scheme, where you have to recruit new blood to feed the ones that were exploited before - it's a pyramid. Contrast this with love, where cooperation and mutual support is involved, it really shows what the typical idea of "success" in the world entails.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spiritual But Not Religious

We've probably all heard people describe themselves this way, but it occurs to me this almost implies that the two are mutually exclusive. This really ties in with the point about using both our mind and heart. If religion has to do with our mind, then spirituality has to do with our heart. If religion is dogmatic and just completely closed minded, certainly that doesn't make sense. But in the general sense of a belief system, it doesn't matter so much whether it's spiritual or secular in nature. One thing I've noticed is the fallacy of mistaking the absence of a belief with the negation of that belief. When people say "I don't believe that" - aren't they really saying they believe that is false the vast majority of the time? But if we take those words literally it should just mean "I don't know about that," but that's clearly not what people mean most of the time.

So I am not saying people should be religious, but I AM saying you should use your mind. It would seem logical that people may believe in certain things after certain spiritual experiences, so if there are beliefs, and you start to make sense of them over time, doesn't that get systematized? And isn't religion just a belief system? Of course it's good not to go on blind faith and just buy what someone else says wholesale, but wholesale rejection doesn't make sense either.

Welcome and basics/essentials..

Thanks for checking out the blog. I was thinking about some very basic principles to present as spiritual immunity, and I think to preface it should be recognized that we basically personalize everything, so that when we have these kinds of unusual experiences we get caught up in the same excitement as we do with normal human drama - although of course it is much stronger! In addition, please recognize that there are some words and ideas that are understandably very loaded due to our spiritual history and experience, perhaps our religious background, so if you recognize some reaction please read on to see what I mean. This may not be as exciting as watching something like Ghost Hunters and completely ignored if it is taken in a religious way, but I think when seen for what it means it is really key to spiritual protection at the most basic level.

As I discussed in another entry, falsehoods are the main M.O. of evil, so our interest in truth inevitably protects us from evil. Of course sometimes we cannot distinguish based on only using our mind, depending on the information we have, which is why the heart is so important. If truth and falsehood relates to the mind, then in the same way love and apathy relates to the heart. Hate is actually not so much the opposite of love because first I'm not talking about the emotion, and actually when you think about it love and hate in that sense involves emotional entanglement, whereas complete disconnect would be the complete opposite of love, rather than just the direction of the energy. It has been said that if love in this sense was completely absent the world would turn to dust, so this really goes much deeper than interpersonal dynamics, too.

Now we can see how the dynamics of evil plays out in a divisive pattern with lies and apathy. Again if love is the force that holds things together, then the opposite would be to divide - divide and conquer. If love is the natural state of the created world, then you have to lie about it in order to get people to behave otherwise. In fact, not only are people separated from nature, so much so that their mental and physical health suffers on a mass scale, but they are also divided within themselves. One of the most important ways this shows up is how the mind is largely separate from the heart. It's interesting to note that in Buddhism the mind is considered a sense organ along with the other five, and they speak of the heart-mind as if it is one thing. But of course we know of many examples where some people are a lot of brain and little heart and vice versa.

So of course the question is why would people believe the lie? I would say it is largely because they favor one faculty over another, whether it's the heart or the mind. If we look at it from the perspective that the two are supposed to be one in the first place, then the fact that so many people are biased one way or the other would mean they are not fully functional - they either cannot think critically or they lack the instinct that would recognize when there is an absence of love. After all, if it is a universal cohesive force then it should stick out like a sore thumb if it's missing - but we have an entire culture that has promoted divided individualism from the time we were born, and it would be foolish to dismiss the profound effect this has had on our consciousness.

What does this have to do with dealing with hauntings and supernatural entities? Everything. Tools and techniques certainly all have their place, but without recognizing that they need to be based on these principles you really are ignoring the nature of evil in the first place. It would be one thing if you are just bothered by the lost soul of a ghost, which is essentially a situation based on ignorance, but if evil is in fact involved how can you even begin to deal with it if you don't understand what it is you're dealing with? And here is another important point: Evil takes advantage of ignorance. When we look at the manifest evil in the world in terms of mans inhumanity to man, or the ridiculously rampant greed that is being revealed more and more, what do they do? They take advantage of the average mans ignorance. The thing is, if love holds things together, then by its very nature you are tapping into something much bigger and supportive on a universal scale. But if you think some special technique or a special person is the only way it would work, then your attention is already separated from this vast field. It's true sometimes specific things and certain people do play a key role in specific situations, but how do you suppose you connect with that solution in the first place? One may find synchronistic timing, which makes sense BOTH intuitively with the heart as well as the mind, but is it likely to be a result of only intellectual research or just feeling our way around without any kind of critical thinking?