Monday, February 8, 2010

Spiritual But Not Religious

We've probably all heard people describe themselves this way, but it occurs to me this almost implies that the two are mutually exclusive. This really ties in with the point about using both our mind and heart. If religion has to do with our mind, then spirituality has to do with our heart. If religion is dogmatic and just completely closed minded, certainly that doesn't make sense. But in the general sense of a belief system, it doesn't matter so much whether it's spiritual or secular in nature. One thing I've noticed is the fallacy of mistaking the absence of a belief with the negation of that belief. When people say "I don't believe that" - aren't they really saying they believe that is false the vast majority of the time? But if we take those words literally it should just mean "I don't know about that," but that's clearly not what people mean most of the time.

So I am not saying people should be religious, but I AM saying you should use your mind. It would seem logical that people may believe in certain things after certain spiritual experiences, so if there are beliefs, and you start to make sense of them over time, doesn't that get systematized? And isn't religion just a belief system? Of course it's good not to go on blind faith and just buy what someone else says wholesale, but wholesale rejection doesn't make sense either.

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