Friday, February 12, 2010

Abuse of Life

Romans post about gang stalking made me think of how repressed memories of child abuse is questioned. Basically it is the same dynamic as in gang stalking where the credibility of the witness is attacked, however one of the things known to happen in ritual abuse is the victims are given drugs and this makes them not only dependent but also one can say the word of an addict is questionable.

Granted there have been cases where children were put up to lying about abuse by adults for various reasons, and yet it is only reasonable to recognize that many times it is real. It is certainly hard to dispute that there have been a large number of children who were sexually molested while in the Catholic Church, for example. Even the Church itself cannot deny this.

I have often thought about the connection between child abuse and evil in the world, and actually it relates to the whole energetic dynamic of this kind of Ponzi scheme. Consider that evil itself breaks away from a connection with the Divine, but it requires energy to sustain itself - therefore it makes sense that it would be engaged in this ongoing consumption in order to fill that void indirectly. And of course, who has more of that life energy than those that are new to the world: Children. Although this process can take many forms, sexual abuse in particular of course relates to procreation, again life energy. (there are of course many spiritual practices that involve sexual energy) But rather than a relationship of love, of coming together, this is a dynamic of dominance - either by mental manipulation or outright physical violence.

Unfortunately, many have been led to believe that this kind of dynamic is just the way the world works. Sure they may not go so far as to abuse children, (at least not directly - there are all the kids working in sweatshops in third world countries for example) many subscribe to the philosophy of Social Darwinism. Romantic relationships likewise become a way of filling a void, rather than one that involves mutual respect and true caring for each other. It's no wonder that people feel so empty, the way they try to find fulfillment is in fact anti-life!

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  1. This reminds me of the concept of Loosh and the Loosh Collectors that Robert Monroe discovered.
    The malevolent "Archons" reside somewhere up in the atmosphere and collect something they call Loosh from us. Monroe found that loosh is generated in it's most pure form when we suffer.
    It disturbed him so much, that after he penned the "Loosh Rote", he never spoke about them again. Your assertion that evil, after breaking away from the Divine, needed a new source of energy fits into this Loosh scenario perfectly. I've done research on this idea for a few years. We'll have to talk more about it.